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Johnny Wilson

Welcome to 7th grade pre-algebra.  This year  we will be making the transitiion from the more concrete form of math to the more abstract in algebra.  Students will need a calculator (class sets are the TI 30X) and a spiral notebook.

The first few days we will be dealing with the language of algebra including problelm solving plans, variables & expressioins, and properties of numbers. 

I would like for you to sign up for the Remind feature on your phone where I will send out reminders of test dates, assignments due, etc. Looking forward to a great year.


We have gotten off to a good start in pre-algebra.The 7th graders are adjusting to junior high.  The classes are finishing the chapter on the language of algebra.  we will have a chapter test the first part of the week of Sept. 8.  Next, we begin a study of integers.  This is one of the most important units of the year.  Being able to do computation with positive & negative numbers is essential in preparing for algebra.  I urge parents to help me monitor your child's progress as we study integers.


As we begin the 2nd 9 weeks, we will be doing a unit on powers and roots.  This includes negative exponents along with multiplying and dividing powers with like bases.  The students will use the calculator to find square and cube roots of numbers.  After this unit, we will explore ratios, rates, proportions, and percent.  A lot of real world math - discounts, sales tax, interest and other topics will be covered.


Johnny Wilson

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