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Educational Websites

Make Your Own Flashcards

Any operation, any time!  Wanna work on multiplication facts with your child?  Print out just the ones you want to work on.  LOVE this!  We'll be using this at the Tedford home!

Math Central

For the Math minded (or those who want to be more math minded!)  Good stuff!  Happy browsing!

Math Forums - Homework Help!

Teacher 2 Teacher - you can find numerous discussions on all levels and all math skills. 

AAA Math

Many, many, many links on this site!


If your child is working on an assignment and manipulatives would be helpful...this is your site. 

A+ Math

There are links from this site for completing the worksheets online.  You do not have to print them off.  It will show them the ones they got correct and the ones they missed.

Math Drills

Free, printable worksheets for all subjects!

Khan Academy

YouTube videos to walk you through any kind of problem from 2+2=4 all the way through Calculus.  He explains it all very well!

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